Online Tools

[HTML][JS] Scientific notation converter (2020.1)
[HTML][JS] Add Hearts (您恏,恷息忈忑,惷㤁来了) (2019.3)
[HTML][JS] Zhed Puzzle Solver (2019.1)
[HTML][JS] Tents and Trees Puzzle Solver (2018.12)
[HTML] Convert from base X to base Y (2017.4)
[py] Count lines of code (2016.9)
[HTML][JS] Matrix Calculators (2016.5)
[HTML][JS] Unit Converter (2016.5)
[HTML][JS] Mental Calculation (2016.4)
[HTML][JS] Process Excel Data with JavaScript (2016.3)
[HTML][JS] Romaji/Hiragana/Katakana converter (2016.3)
[py] Search Keywords in Any Code Files (2016.1)
[HTML][JS] Chinese Word Segmenter (2016.1)
[HTML][JS] Step-by-Step Sudoku Solver (2015.12)
[HTML][JS] Search Words/成语 With Regex Patterns (2015.12)
[HTML][JS] Miscellaneous Calculators (2015.11)
> ADC/DAC Calculator
> Cournot Calculator
> Cordic Calculator
> FFT calculator
> Linear/Circular Convolution calculator
[HTML][JS] Japanese Input Method(日本語入力) (2015.11)
[HTML][JS] Online Code Editor (2015.5)
[HTML][JS] Compare Files, Diff Checker (2015.5)
[HTML][JS] Programming Language Highlighter (2015.2)
[HTML][TS] VHDL Beautifier, Formatter (2015.1)
[HTML][JS] 24 Game(24点) / Countdown Solver and Even More (2015.2)
[HTML][JS] Nonogram Solver
[HTML][JS] Convolution Calculator(Linear, Circular) (2014.11)
[HTML][JS] Multiple convertors (2014.5)
[HTML][JS] Unicode characters
[HTML][JS] Programmer Tools (2014.5-2015.5)
> Hex Calculator
> Dec/Bin/Hex Convertor
> IEEE754 convertor
> Fixed-Point Bin convertor
> Floating-point Math Simulator
[HTML][JS] Loop YouTube Videos (UK official chart playlist) (2014.4)
[HTML][JS] Text to image converter (2014.4)
[HTML][JS] JavaScript RSA encryption (2014.4)
[HTML][JS] Javascript Tools(counter, table generator) (2014.4)
[HTML][JS] Flip/Zalgo Words (Adapted from Lunicode)
[HTML][JS] Elapsed time (2013.5)


[C#] Find Unused Resources in C# Project (2018.10)
[C#] Replace Words (2018.10)
[C#] Run Sql Script (2018.10)
[C#] Code Spell Checker (2018.5)
[C#] Git Helper (2018.5)
[py] Chinese Word Segmenter (2017.3)
[py] 词频统计(Word Frequency Counter) (2014.12)
[PHP] 知乎日报网页版(Zhihu Daily News (web)) (2014.4)
[HTML][JS] Group Project Website (College 2nd year coursework) (2014.3)
[JS-userscript] 账户自动填充(Login page autofill) (2012.12)


[HTML][JS] Chinese words card (2015.11)
[HTML] HTML Cheat Sheet (2015.4)
[HTML] CSS Cheat Sheet (2015.1)
[HTML]文言文词典(Classic Chinese Char Dict) (2015.1)
[HTML]诗词典故汇集(Chinese Allusions) (2015.1)
[HTML] Books ranked by readability (2014.11)
[HTML][TEXT] Chinese Character Dictionary (table) (2014.5)
[TEXT] Stat/List of UK Official Chart OR on GitHub (2014.4)
[TEXT] 编年史(Chinese Chronicle) (2014.4)
[TEXT] English-Spanish cognates (2014.3)
[TEXT] 汉语同义词库(Chinese Synonym Library) (2013.12)
[TEXT] 汉字拼音分组(Chinese Charater grouped by pinyin) (2013.9)


[PHP] A better way to read HN | A simple documentation (2014.5)
[TEXT] 简单PHP爬虫(PHP Scrawler) (2014.4)
[HTML][TEXT] 学习中文/Aprender Español/日本語を勉強/English (2014.5)